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Cylinder Seal 


3D printed plastic



A collaboration with the presidents' office in Jerusalem, Israel, 2016


Inspired by the Seal that was used in Mesopotamia and in the Land of Israel. The cylinder left a textured mark. Numerous stamps were found in Israel. Cylinder seal stamps were found on top of a clay pot. The seal was personal and made of stone. The surface of the stone had a design or a particular image.


I created two parallel lines Enabling convenient and stable rolling. The two stripes became two "stripes of blue" and thus I created a stamp that creates the national flag on the board.


This object interacts with the person, and thus we also act to continue building our country that is going (rolling) and ongoing. The flag is in motion, waving and holding in its possession.


The design can adapt itself to both the name and the president's signature when choosing the logo to be displayed between the stripes. The seal was printed at this stage according to the design of the three-dimensional printer.


This project was made under the guidance of Prof. Muli Ben Sasson.



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