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Mugs and Saucer
Ceramic slip cast, Glazed

A collaboration with Aroma, the largest coffee chain in Israel, 2015-2016


Designed to be used in the cafes. The inspiration for the projects was from the Shrine of the Book located in the Israel Museum in Jerusalem. There is an interesting dialog with the white and black and the contrast of the forms. The sanctity of the contents. The idea that the outer line and the inner line can be different and don't need to be parallel, and together they form the whole shape of the cup.


The saucer is a flat rectangle that can stack easily, mimicking the stacked trays. Each side of the saucer can fit two different size cups. The single saucer is designed to be competent for all four size cups. The plate also has a rectangle to fit the spoon and free aroma chocolate.


Laser cut metal stencils were designed for the giger in order to produce the plaster shape of the cups. Plate and handles prototypes were made using 3D printing technology.


The logo was placed on to the handle, where the hand meets the cup.


This project was made with the guidance of Einav Baranes Eliassov.



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