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International Programs Coordinator. Bezalel Academy of Art and Design, Jerusalem since 2017



Coating solutions for ceramic and glass. In collaboration with the Hebrew University and Azrieli College.

3D ceramic printing Lab. Ceramic and glass department, Bezalel Academy.

Teaching Art and Design Students Civic and Social Engagement. Bezalel Academy of Art and Design.



BA Business and Management, Ariel University, 2012.


BFA Ceramic and Glass department, Bezalel Academy of Art and Design, Jerusalem, 2018.


Student exchange program at Otis College, Fine art and ceramic design, Los Angeles, California, 2017.



Israel Museum, Jerusalem 

Prints & map department, digitizing map collections and at the Information Center for Israeli Art, translating Israeli artist biographies.


Ben Maltz Gallery, Los Angeles

Exhibit installation, de-installation, and tour prep.


Amit Zoran Design Hybrids Lab, The Rachel and Selim Benin School of Computer Science and Engineering

The Hebrew University of Jerusalem, Israel



Isakson prize for ceramic design excellence, 2017



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