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Supervisory Sculpture


Hand built ceramic, glazed




A collaboration with Mini Israel Park, Latrun, Israel, 2017


The Mini Israel park is located in Latrun. The sculpture overlooks the Ben Gurion airport model at the Park.


The sculpture provides an enclosed feeling in the open outdoor park. It is positioned as a contradictory to the Ben Gurion tower, intended to look like a woman bending over, greeting the visitors. 


I would like to give special Thanks to the wonderful woman who carried us in their wombs and to:


Dr. Ronit Kochman, the OBGYN department and to Professor Ilana Ariel head of perinatal pathology unit at Hadassah Hospital-Mount Scopus.

Amit at the Ben Gurion airport control tower. Maya Muchavski Parnas, who guided me in this project.


Is the tower at the Ben Gurion airport similar to a woman with a cleavage?

The Architect's statement was that the tower is in the shape of a woman bowing forward and greeting the travelers.

This sculpture is presenting the reality, which the woman has a role to carry the womb. The womb is “just” the vessel which we bring life to the world.


In the control tower today at Ben Gurion airport there is a smaller woman's bathroom, even though there is more and more woman working as air traffic controllers. This was a well-planned tower with millions to spend on planning and building. high-tech air vents, special windows, unique meeting rooms and top ventilation and lighting systems. I was astonished to reveal the conditions the workers' rooms located on a bottom floor, which meant much noise coming in as people walking in and out. since the bathrooms are so small their lockers must be kept open for them to have a place to hang their towels to dry.  




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