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Do You Art Me?
Coin Collection 2018-2019


Each coin is one-of-a-kind, composed uniquely, with a self-portrait, the year and the question "Do You Art Me"?


The coins represent the way art is commoditized and traded between collectors, galleries and museums. Art is a traded asset, but it also contains physical, emotional and historic values just like the coins. Art is a way for an artist to communicate to himself and to others beyond words.


As an individual beginning artist, Chana declares her work as a traded asset to be collected. She also invites the visitors to create their own coin, to be buried in their yard.

Materials and technique: porcelain, gold, decal finish, metal shards, 3D printed plastic stamp, pressed glass.


Videography - Guma Alon
Photography - Sasha Flit, Ilan Amihai
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